Sunday, 4 April 2010

More musical fun!

We had an awesome time at Nantwich jazz and blues festival yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came to talk to us afterwards, sorry if we were all a bit spaced! Thanks especially to the Blind Summit Blues Band for bailing me out after I forgot all my harmonicas. I thoroughly enjoyed watching lap slide player Tom Doughty & Rockabilly band Vavoom whilst there as well.

I've decided to use my Easter Sunday off to try and tidy up our web prescence. I spent this morning trying to sort out the myspace page and this afternoon trying to remember HTML I last used when I was 17 in order to get a website site up. I also suddenly realised I hadn't updated this blog in 4 months.

In other news we're through to the final of the Staffordshire University Battle of the bands (final april 20th - be there or be...somewhere else), which is good. Plus there's a crazy schedule of gigs coming up in the next couple of months. Looking forward to my holiday already!

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