Thursday, 3 December 2009

Guitar Troubles

So my dirt cheap, but generally pretty trusty chinese resonator (seen on the left in the picture) started to stutter and crackle on Saturday. I went in to my local guitar shop Monday and there was no sign of the crackle so was told there was nothing wrong, but I noticed at rehearsal last night that the neck pickup isn't picking up the top two strings.

Just phoned a better regarded guitar tech and he suggested a rewind or a new pickup and probably not a rewind on a guitar so cheap. Which means £100 on a pickup that's probably worth more than the guitar. Alternatively i could start shopping for another guitar...or I'm considering getting a pickup put on my better quality steel resonator.

Meanwhile in all the listening extra carefully to try and diagnose the problem I've noticed my amp has a new faintly metallic rattle (re-tube time?) sad.gif

Also have a gig Saturday, so will be sliding on the Yamaha Pacifica, for all it's thin tone.

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